Current Event Expectations

Science Current Events

Exploring science beyond the classroom is critical. You make think that science is not important and that it is irrelevant, but it is all around us.  On any given day you can look in the paper or on the internet and find stories of science and how science affects our everyday lives.

Each Monday (with a few exceptions) you will be required to submit a Science current event.

A current event is something that has happened within the last week. If you are getting your article from a magazine it could have occurred within the past month.

Each current event will be worth 20 points. You will have a total of 5 per nine weeks. This will add up to a project grade worth 100 points.



  • Find an article that interests you. (Of course it will be a hassle to write about something that you do not like.)
  • Summarize in your own words. DO NOT PLAGERIZE. You will receive a zero.
  • Type your article.


Current Event rubric


Name                                                                                                   2 point

Date of article





Paragraph1                                                                                         7points                      

Summary of the article

5-7 sentences

Spelling and Grammar



Paragraph 2                                                                                          7 points

Opinion of the article/How is this article relevant to your everyday life?

5-7 sentences

Spelling and Grammar



Works Cited                                                                                         2 points

Follow handout or go to



Article attached                                                                                      2 points



Due Dates:

Current Events 1           9/6

Current Events 2           9/12

Current Events 3           9/19

Current Events 4           9/26

Current Events 5           10/10

Current Events 6           10/24

Current Events 7           10/31

Current Events 8           11/7

Current Events 9           11/14

Current Events 10         11/21