Assignments - Honors
Go to The code for honors is W3UJHWWY. There was a problem with the code - teacher error. The correct code is there now. Email me if you can't get in. [email protected]
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After Spring BreaK -Week 1 -Go to Geometry -6th grade
Tues - Area of a Parallelogram - video, article, exercises (3 sections)
Wed - Finding Height, Finding Missing Length (2 sections)
Thurs - Area of a triangle, Video, Video, Article, Exercise(4 sections)
Fri Area of Right Triangles - Exercise (7 questions)
Week 2 (April 20 -24) 
Mon - Triangle -a missing side example(video), Find misssing leg (exercises 4        questions)
Circles - radius,diameter, circumference & pi -video; labeling parts-video *take notes on the video Tues- Radius, Diameter & circumference (article); Radius & diameter (exercises- 7 questions) Wed- Play Kahoot - Game code - 09541983; Radius And Diameter from Circle (video); Relating Circumference/ Area (video) Circumference and Area(exercises) * take note on video Thurs - Area of a circle (video) Area of a circle (exercises) *take noted on video Fri - assignment on Microsoft teams page to watch video and answer question.

Week 3 (April 27- May 1)
Mon - Play Kahoot
 (pin - 01029172)
Tues - Go to Moodle - enrollment key (wilde6-20)
Do Bob the Builder(you will probably have to save it after putting your answers on it and then drag the file into the drop box), Area of circles, Vocab, and the Quizizz is optional - pin is 976460
Wed - Moodle Quiz on area perimeter circumference ( If you think you took you didn't because I added more questions)
Thurs - Catch up day

Fri  - Go to Microsoft Teams. There are 2 assignments. One is to watch the short video and the other is to do 4 problems on mean balance point. Answer the questions on the page and click the turn in button
Week 4 (May 4 - 8)
Mon. - Go to Microsoft Teams - do 611 a  Balance Point - it says it is due tomorrow (5/5) but it allows late turn ins so don't worry if you don't get it done by tomorrow.
Tues - Play Kahoot on mean Balance Point game code - 08693057
 Wed - On Teams under Files - watch Video Notes on Statisitics.  **** there was a problem with the video - right now I have broken it up into 3 parts  -2 are loaded - I am working on the 3rd one. I did put pictures of the notes in Resources. Copy the notes. You can break it up however you like. This is the only assignment for today. There will be assignments on Teams tomorrow and the next day that you will need the notes for.
Thurs -Use the notes you took to complete the Fill-in-the-Blank assignment in Microsoft Teams. 
Fri - Catch up day!! If you're caught up, YAY! If not, here's an extra day to do so.
Week 5 (May 11-15)
Mon -Tues - In Microsoft Teams, do What Happens to MMM When the Data Changes. There are two videos -part 1 and part 2, and there is a set of practice problems. Part 2 is the first practice problem you will do.
Wed - Complete "Which Measure" in Teams
Thurs -Play Kahoot  - Game Pin 06271068
Fri - Quiz in Teams
Week 6 (May 18 - 22)
Mon - Watch video on Microsoft Teams and take notes
Tues- Play Kahoot -5 questions  -Pin - 0860099
Complete assignment on Making a Circle Graph in Teams
Wed -M&M questions; Favorite Brands- both found on Teams.
Play Kahoot -Pin 06962289
In Teams - Complete "Putting the same info into different types of graphs" and "Review of 6.10"
Fri - Quiz -6.10 Circle Graphs in Teams