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Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Wilde

Gallop for the Greenways

[email protected]

Hi, My name is Jeannie Wilde and I have taught at Woodrow for 19 years. I have been teaching for 30 years in all. Some of the things I do besides teach math are teach aerobics, teach skiing, and run. I have taught aerobics at the Roanoke Athletic Club for 19 years also. I only started running a few years ago. I have run numerous 5k races and a couple of 10ks. In 2011 I ran the Star City Half Marathon before I got sick in 2012. I continued to run short distances and I help coach other runners through Fleet Feet Sports running store.  I have  completed  12 half marathons, including the the Hokie Half the Star City Half, and the Blue Ridge Half; It's a tradition that I run or walk the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving Day. I have 2 rescue dogs; both are lab mixes. I have also fostered 7 puppies for the RVSPCA.