Hello everyone.  This week I would like to start using Microsoft Teams for assignments and video conferences.  If you are unable to get into Teams, you can do the following IXL assignments for the week which focus on prefixes and suffixes.

Monday:  5-4-2020:  Team video meeting with 1st and 2nd period  @10;00
Team video meeting with 3rd period at 11:00
                                  Team video meeting with 5th period at 2:00

                                     IXl assignment: 

Tuesday: 5-5-2020:  Team video meeting with 6th period at 10:00
Team video meeting with 4th period at 2:00

                                     IXL assignment: 

Wednesday: 5-6-2020:  IXL assignment: Q3
Thursday:  5-7-2020: IXL assignment Q4
Friday: 5-8-2020: IXL assignment Q5