April 27-May 1, 2020
Monday, 4-27-2020:  For the next few days you will be working with reference skills on IXL.  Please complete the lesson W3.

Tuesday, 4-28-2020: Complete IXL lesson W4.

Wednesday, 4-29-2020:  Complete IXL lesson W5.

Thursday, 4-30-2020: Before we go live and use Microsoft Teams, you need to be able to get into Office 365. Follow the directions below:

How to login into Office 365 & get to Teams

1.  First you need to know your student email address.  It is the same one you used to login into computer with the addition of added at the end.

Example:  David Jackson, lunch number 602413

Email address would be:  [email protected]

2.  Next go to the RCPS webpage.  Find Students and click.  Go to web-based resources and click on Office 365.

3.  You will now be at the Sign-In page.  To sign in put your [email protected].  Next, it will ask for your password, so enter your lunch number.

4.  Now you should see several tiles.  Outlook is your school email.  Go further to the right until you see the tile Teams and click.  You will see a list of your Teams.  Click on your appropriate class. Done!

 Finally, to get you ready for Microsoft Teams,  watch the 3 blue bulleted videos (To your left here.)  The videos will give you the basics on Teams. Just click on each bullet and the video will play.

After you watch the videos, try to get to your class team and send me a post.
If you have trouble email me at [email protected]  I look forward to hearing from you!

***Click on the link below to quickly access all work from your sixth grade teachers!

Friday:  Read 30 minutes-any book or magazine of your choice.  Many students have not found Teams yet, so we will continue to spread the word.