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Winter Concert

The winter concert will take place on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 6:30 pm.

Participation in the winter concert is mandatory for all students.

Arrival Info
Upon arrival, all students will proceed to the orchestra room (room 117)
6:00    8th grade arrives to assist with tuning.
6:10    7th and 6th grade arrives.

Concert Dress
Concerts are a formal affair. By dressing professionally, we show pride in our orchestra. Please prepare ahead of time; don’t try to purchase an entire outfit the night of a concert.

Students will be required to wear the following ALL BLACK attire to all concerts.

Option 1:

  • Top: nice blouse with sleeves (at least 3⁄4 length) or dress shirt with collar
  • Bottom: skirt that remains below knee when sitting with black stockings or dress pants with blacks socks

Shoes: all black

Option 2:

  • Long dress with sleeves (at least 3⁄4 length). The dress must remain below the knee when sitting and must be worn with black stockings.
  • Shoes: all black

Necklaces and long earrings are not permitted. Please dress professionally. All concert attire must conform to the school dress code.