About Orchestra
Welcome to orchestra at Woodrow Wilson Middle School!

Purpose of the Course
The purpose of this course is to develop instrumental techniques and musical knowledge through ensemble rehearsals, individual practice and listening activities. Students will show progress in reading and playing a variety of rhythms, notes, bowing articulations, dynamics and musical styles while demonstrating the necessary discipline and preparedness for participating in class and performing in a large group setting. The orchestra program at WWMS serves as a creative community for all students with basic musical ability who wish to participate, while at the same time serving the music department, the school and community through public performances.

To support the school and community through performances at school events and other public events such as festivals, dedications and local community functions.
To project a positive image for the school and WWMS fine arts department.
To promote healthy relationships among other orchestras, schools, and musicians. 
To inspire students in the enjoyment and enthusiasm of music and performing.
To set obtainable goals and accomplish these goals.
To perform at the highest possible level at all times and attain the absolute best out of each individual.

What does it mean to be a part of the Woodrow Wilson MS Orchestra?
When you join the WWMS Orchestra, you become part of an organization of excellence built on the dedication and diligent work of the director, participants and families. For the organization to operate at the level at which we strive to achieve, cooperation from all three parts of the WWMS Orchestra family is essential.  As a result of this cooperation, you will make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. You will achieve outstanding musical accomplishments. You will learn the value of diligent work, and you will be an integral part of something excellent.