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Mr. Urgo

Hey Parents and Students,
If you have not completed the study island assignments you may continue working on them. This week I am going to introduce our last unit on Histograms. We will start with a video on understanding a stem and leaf plot. I will post a video a day for the next few days on Histograms. 
4/14 - Theoretical Probability 
4/15 - Simple Probability 
4/16 - Simple Probability #2
4/17 - Simple Probability #3 / Complete the simple probability practice (The link is under the useful link tab)
4/20 & 21 - Watch the 4 probability videos again and complete the 8 question quiz on power school (SOL 7.8 Theoretical Probability)
4/22 - Experimental Probability
4/23 - Complete the Experimental Probability practice under useful links(make sure you have a calculator)
4/24 - Watch video on Theoretical vs. Experimental Probability
Complete the 8 question activity on Power School (JMMS SOL 7.8 Theoretical Probability)
4/27 - Complete the Theoretical vs. Experimental Practice Assignment
4/28 - Video on Probability Models
4/29 - Probability Prediction Practice Activity
4/30 - Probability Model Practice
5/4 - Complete the 5 question Probability Quiz located in useful links
5/6- Complete the 6 question activity on Power School (JMMS SOL 7.8 Experimental Probability)
5/7- Check Study Island and make sure that you have completed all of your Math 7 assignments. Please complete the 2 Power School assignments. We will finish probability tomorrow with a Power School Activity!
5/8- Complete the 7 question Power School Activity (JMMS SOL 7.8b)
5/11- Video on Stem and Leaf Plots
5/12- Video on reading a Stem and Leaf Plot
5/13- Stem and Leaf Plot Practice Activity Link
5/14- Video on Frequency Table and Line/Dot Plots
5/15- Complete the 2 practice activities Creating a frequency table and creating a dot plot
5/18- Video on Creating a Histogram
5/19- Video on Interpreting a Histogram
5/20- Creating a Histogram Practice
5/21- Practice Reading a Histogram
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Please email or text me if you have any questions or concerns.