Science Websites

Science Websites

-resources on space, the atmosphere, and careers in science

ACS Chemistry for Life
-Chemistry explanations for 5th grade through high school

Berkeley UC Museum of Paleontolgy
-lessons and interactive info on Earth Science, fossils, and the Earth

-Resources on our oceans and the atmosphere

Nature Works Everywhere
-resources and virtual field trips all over the world

-interactive siumlations in science and math

Project Learning Tree- Activities to do at home
-Activities on plants, animals, recycling and the environment

Virginia Wildlife Magazine
-The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has uploaded the most recent issues of their magazine, Virginia Wildlife, for students to read.

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) SciJinks
-weather information and education for students

NOAA Climate Information
-data and explanations on climate around the world. Interactive data maps.

NOAA Ocean Explorer
-lots of video clips of undersea exploration. Check out the “tug o’ War!”

The Cloud Lab
-play the challenge game to identify cloud types.

Games at NOAA
-Lots of games with science education themes

Discover Biology with Biology Simulations
-Learn and practice Biology


Blog - Club SciKidz
-Daily experiments!
-Science/Math/Social Studies

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
-Virtual viewing of Alaskan Wildlife Webcams