US History II

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Cintron


First things first, I MISS YOU GUYS!   miss

1. You can contact me by email:  OR 
you or your parents can call or text me: 571-336-6588

2. Have your parents join my REMIND: text @cintronu to 81010- please tell them to type whose parent they are :)

3. Until after Spring Break, work on the WWII stuff below. This will be considered "practice" so that you can get familiar with Moodle. Just about everything we do will be on Moodle, so get yourself familiar with it.
4. After Spring Break, there will be more assignments. Due dates will be flexible, but I would like you working on History regularly. My plan as of now is to hold "class meetings" on Microsoft Teams. After Spring Break, I will have instructions about how to get there (it's easy). I will also be recording some lessons.

5. CHECK YOUR EMAIL REGULARLY. That's how your teachers are communicating! Log in to Office 365 like usual, and in the upper left corner, find the "waffle menu"- it looks like this: waffle then choose "OUTLOOK". Your email will pop up. From here you can also get back to Office 365.

6. Check your teacher's WEBPAGES. Go to the Woodrow page: and choose "Teacher Pages". You will find me under SOCIAL STUDIES- but all my links can also be found here on Moodle.

Finally, did I mention that I miss you? I really do :) I look forward to hearing from you!