Announcements and Assignments
Week of August 22nd
-USII: students are being introduced to myself and we're learning about each other, and will be taking pretests to see what our baseline/background knowledge is the rest of the week
-Civics: students are being introduced to myself and the class. They need to have a marble/composition book by Thursday for class and when laptops are issued they will need those along with their chargers everyday. The rest of the week will be pretests for them as well and if time allows we'll start learning about the 14th amendment!

Week of August 28th
-USII: students are starting our geography unit this week. Monday we learned about latitude and longitude and did a fun Battleship activity with it. The rest of the week we will be talking about the different states, regions, climates, and cultures that make up our country. There will be a test on all this material next Wednesday!
Civics: students are learning about the founding fundamental documents and principles that have formed our country. There will be a quiz on this material on Thursday. On Wednesday, we will have our first Reality Check presentation where students will set up what their "future" lives will look like, including their dream job, how many children they have, and if they went to college or not. Later in the year we will use this information to simulate a budget for them and they will figure out how to navigate life given the amount of money his/her family makes!

Week of September 5th
-USII: students will review for test on the 50 states and regions that will be on Wednesday, September 6th. Afterwards we will be beginning the new unit on Reconstruction and Westward Expansion!
Civics: students are learning about globalization and fiscal responsibility this week and Thursday and Friday we will be doing an online budgeting simulation! Next week will be our Reality Check as well which will help give them real life scenarios and decisions in how to use their money

Week of September 11th
USII: students will be starting our Reconstruction and Western Expansion unit that will last for the next two weeks. We'll be tackling several Post Civil War historical events that have shaped our nation, and also learn how our country expanded with events like the Louisiana Purchase and the Gold Rush. 
Civics: students will be finishing up our personal finance and fiscal responsibilities section and also will be participating in the "Reality Check" event on Wednesday that allows students to see what it's like to have to pay bills, own a house, and be out on their own! Students also have a unit test on Friday, and a "Self-Assessment" essay due Friday. The rubric for the essay is located under the "Documents for Civics" tab.

Week of September 18th
USII: students will be continuing with our Reconstruction unit in which we will create a large interactive timeline for, and discuss how the South was rebuilt after the Civil War. Apart of this unit we will discuss how African Americans started to get rights through the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.
Civics: students are learning about the Preamble and its goals this week along with the Constitution and the Articles and Amendments that it is made of! They will have a quiz on this material next Wednesday!

Week of September 25
USII: students are working through their Project Based Assessments this week in which they are choosing a state of their choice and making a powerpoint about it
Civics: students are being tested on Wednesday and Friday on their knowledge of the founding documents of our country, and the US Constitution and its parts!

Week of October 9
USII: students are working on finishing up their Reconstruction/Western Expansion Unit and will be testing on Friday!
Civics: students are starting their political parties until, and learning about the similarities and differences of them, as well as the role they play in the election process. We'll also be reviewing for their benchmark exam on Friday!

Week of November 13-Thanksgiving break
USII: Students are finishing up learning about Urbanization and Immigration and will have a test on Tuesday, November 21st before we go to break!
Civics: students are learning about the Federal government and the system of checks and balances!

Week of November 27-December 1
USII: Students are beginning our Spanish American War unit and learning about the reasons that we went to war and the outcomes/fallout of it, including creating a timeline of events during the time period
Civics: Students are beginning the Federalism and Checks and Balances unit and are learning about the different powers that the levels of government have!

December 11th-15
USII: Students are finishing up our Spanish American War unit and will be testing on Friday!
Civics: Students will be preparing for our Division Wide Benchmark on Thursday!