Welcome to Science with Mrs. Hackworth.

A lot of forms will be coming home to get filled out and signed. You should expect to see the forms listed below. All will not be given out on the first day. All forms will be given out by Thursday August 24th. Each form is a homework grade so they must be signed and returned.
I have also attached the forms below.

Class syllabus
Lab Safety Contract
Science Fair Timeline (honors students)
Website Scavenger Hunt (honors students; separate ones for Earth and Life Science)
Current Events guidelines (honors students)
Powermylearning handout
  -Educational resources used for homework to supply supplemental information and to invite parents in the classroom
Remind link
   -Allows for private and secure text group text messaging to parents to provide information on upcoming tests, quizzes, and projects. This is in addition to my website calendar.

A notebook or a section of a notebook (You can share it with other classes)
Colored Pencils
Glue Stick

Earth Science Student Syllabus 2017-2018.doc          return signed
Life Science Syllabus 2017-2018.doc                        return signed
Science Fair Timeline.docx          return signed
Lab Safety Contract.pdf              return signed
Science Current Events.docx
Life Science Remind.pdf
Earth Science Remind.pdf
Hackworth Website Scavenger Hunt.docx       return signed
Power my Learning Sign Up.pdf  Different classes must uses different codes to login.
When you create your account you MUST use your school computer login and password.
Powermylearning class codes
Life Science 1st          582687
Life Science 3rd          259923
Life Science 4th          127665
Earth Science 2nd       469243
Earth Science 5th        445249
Earth Science 6th        322567