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Derrick Sessor

contact me at for any questions

I teach 6th Grade Science and Life Science at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. 

**6th Grade Honors- May 4th- NEW PROJECT**

1) Reading Comprehension Assignment Due Wednesday- May 6th (check calendar)
2) Trash to Treasure Project- First Part due Wednesday May 8th
Completed Project Due Wednesday-May 20th (assignment on Calendar)

Submit your Trash to Treasure Video on the Flip Grid Below- click red link

Trash to Treasure Flip Grid (<--- click)

**Between April 14th and April 24th**
6th grade Science Classes- the assignment for the week of April 14th have been added to Study Island. This week there are two new lessons and a writing prompt to be completed by this Friday- April 17th. 

6th Grade Honors- Complete the Biomes Project that is listed on my calendar. The instructions are in the file that is attached to the days on my calendar between April 14th and April 24th. DUE DATE April 24th. As you finish your project please upload it to the following Padlet. (click the "red" link below) 

Biomes Project- Submission Padlet
password:   sessor   (lower case)

***Before Spring Break Ends- ALL STUDENTS: Please be completing the paper packets I have uploaded to my calendar, OR complete your assignments on Study Island.

6th Grade Honors Life Science Students:

  • The Science Fair is CANCELED. The last required task:
    • Research Plan Corrections - original due date was Monday, March 16th, before the 3rd Nine-weeks ended.