School Counseling Virtual Learning
Student Email Access

During this time, I will be sharing important Counseling news, information, and updates with students through their school email accounts. All RCPS students have a school email through Office 365. To access your school email, follow these steps:
  • Go to Then go to Students -> Web-Based Student Programs -> Office 365
  • Once you are logged into your Office 365 account, click Outlook. This is your school email.

School Counseling Teams

I will continue to offer Classroom Guidance activities through Microsoft Teams. Activities will focus on relationship building, self-care, and other social/emotional support. They will also provide an opportunity to stay connected during this time.

We will also use Zoom as a way to get together virtually to discuss the activities and weekly topics shared through Microsoft Teams. Students will be notified by email about upcoming discussions. The information will also be sent out via Remind, posted in Microsoft Teams, and posted on my web-page.

To join Microsoft Teams, click on the link for your grade and then enter the appropriate code.

8th Grade Teams Link 
8th Grade  Enrollment Code: huqmacg

6th Grade Teams Link
6th Grade Enrollment Code: 1giq8u6