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Mr. DeWolfe

Updated 10/29/17

Testing Schedule:
Week 3 - Reading SS
Week 4 - Reading Inventory
Week 6 - Reading SS
Week 7 - Writing SS
Week 9 - Fall Benchmark
Week 11 - Reading SS
Week 13 - Reading SS
Week 15 - Writing SS
TBA - Winter Benchmark
Week 20 - Writing SS
Week 21 - Reading SS
Week 23 - Reading Inventory
Week 24 - Reading SS
TBA - Spring Simulations
Week 33 - Reading SS

Course Description
Language is the basis of learning. In the sixth grade, students are expected to participate in group activities, develop media literacy, practice a variety of vocabulary strategies, demonstrate comprehension of fictional and nonfictional texts, write with purpose and precision, and select appropriate resources. This year, they will also be expected to read and engage with several novels.

The Standards or Learning will be addressed in all of the literature and writing that we study. To the greatest extent possible, the RCPS pacing guide, snapshots, and benchmark assessments  with be followed.

Students are responsible for their own work. I expect them to come to class fully prepared, with all required materials and an appropriate attitude. I expect all assignments to be turned in on time. Students who are absent from class should request makeup work when they return to class.

            The classroom must be a safe and encouraging environment. As such, disruptions to the learning environment will be dealt with according to policy.

Classwork, homework, participation, quizzes, tests, and projects will all count toward the student’s final grade. Grades will be calculated according to total points.
Late assignments will be awarded fewer points, if any. After grades have been submitted for report cards, however, late assignments will no longer be accepted.
Opportunities for extra credit are rare.

Classroom Rules:
I will follow all school rules.
I will be quiet in the hallway.
I will come to class prepared and ready to learn.
I will be in my seat and quietly working before the bell rings.
I will stay in my seat until given permission to do otherwise.
I will remain silent until called upon.
If I have a question or a comment I will raise my hand.
I will be respectful.
I will not go behind the teacher’s desk. Ever.
I will be respectful of school property.
I will clean up after myself.