Essential Elements Book 1:
p. 4, p. 5, p. 6, p. 7., p. 8, p. 9, p. 10, p. 11

Notes on the D string

Posture - sit up straight, feet on the floor, take a selfie

5th period:
Pencil bow holds - see p. 7.

6th period:
Bow holds at the balance point - all curved fingers: texting thumb underneath & curved pinkie on top.

How to practice:
1) Say rhythms out loud; don't forget rests!
2) Play rhythms on open strings.
3) Say note names out loud; shadow bow while saying note names out loud.
4) Sing/say note names out loud; shadow bow while saying/singing note names out loud.
5) Play. If it helps, say/sign note names/finger numbers out loud as you are playing.

Practice logs: Please remember that practice logs are due every Monday!