Useful information for students


  1.  I will hold a ZOOM meeting for anyone who wants to attend (I strongly encourage it)  EVERY FRIDAY at 1:00 PM.   The meeting ID and Password will ALWAYS be

    ID :  587-331-2459                 Password  :    krich


  2. HOW TO ACCESS YOUR EMAIL…..Check it daily

    Go to

    Click on students

    Click on web based programs

    Click on Office 365

    Click on outlook

    Your email address is :  Capitalized First letter of your First Name,  first four letters of last name,  last 3 digits of ID number    followed by

              Example for student named    Bob Jackson with ID #  999000


    For username, it is capital first letter of first name and first four letters of last name followed by last 3 digits in student ID

                       For the example Bob Jackson,  his username would be Bjack000

    For password,  use your full student ID  

                       For the example Bob Jackson,  his password would be 999000


  3. Please access my webpage for some fun activities to do…no grades,  just good options.  We will talk about which ones you have done and which ones you like when we do Zoom meetings

    How to get to Richards’ page:

    Go to

    Go to schools

    Select Middle

    Select Woodrow

    Click on teachers

    Choose Reading Resource / Case Manager

    Choose Richards

    Choose FUN STUFF TO DO


  4. Phone number at which you can text or call me is 409-240-1846.   Feel free to email, text , or call any time Monday through Friday between 8:30 and 3:30.