Student Dress Code

Dress and General Appearance


Parents are asked to cooperate in having students dress and groom appropriately for school.  General guidelines for appearance are in the Student Code of Conduct Standards and Expectations for Student Behavior K-12.  Any student clothing or appearance distracting to anyone in the learning environment or poses a potential safety hazard is inappropriate and not permitted in any Roanoke City middle school.  Students will be required to change and will not be permitted to attend class until attired or groomed appropriately.  Dress code violations will be documented and disciplinary action may be taken.  The following are guidelines for Woodrow Wilson Middle School:


  1. Shorts, dresses, rompers, and skirts must not be short.  Garments will be measured using a three-inch index card above the knee cap and must be level with or below the card in the front and the back.  Opaque leggings (using the three-inch index card rule) can be worn under any of the items above to make those garments permissible. 
  2. See-through shirts, tank tops, net tops, bare midriffs or backs, low cut tops that expose cleavage, halter tops, pajamas, ripped pants, etc. are not permitted.  Undergarments and tank tops should not be visible.
  3. Hats, hoods, caps, ‘do-rags’, bandanas, picks, combs, rollers, headphones, ear buds, sun glasses, or other headgear are not to be worn in the building at any time.  Religious items are permitted.  Hoodies are permitted, but are not to be worn on a student’s head at any time while in the building.
  4. Chains, spiked jewelry, or other jewelry symbolizing drugs, sex, violence, or hate of any person or group is not permitted
  5. Bedroom slippers, roller shoes, light up shoes, or other footwear that may pose a safety concern or distraction are not permitted.  Flip-flops and slides are permitted; however, worn at your own risk. 
  6. Coats and jackets are not to be worn during the school day and should be secured in the student’s locker.  Students should wear sweaters or sweatshirts if needed for the winter months.
  7. Clothing that advertises alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, gangs, or hate of any person or group is not allowed.  This includes clothing with inappropriate language, pictures, and or insinuations.
  8. Book bags, backpacks, string bags, and coats create a space and safety issue and should be locked in the locker during class time.
  9. Pants must be belted or worn at the waist so that undergarments or skin is not exposed.  Excessively tight-fitting clothing, such as legging tights not covered with a top.
  10. Makeup, hair design, or drawings on body or clothing that is distracting is not permitted in class.  Students will be required to remove the distraction.
  11. During gym class, students are required to dress in gym shorts and shirts from home.  Students may not wear the same clothes they wore to school in gym class.
  12. Shoes must be worn at all times in and around the building.



Having attended one or more classes without being addressed for inappropriate attire does not preclude a student from being referred to an administrator for disciplinary action later in the day.  Students who dress inappropriately will be given the opportunity to change or cover their clothing.  Refusal to cooperate and/or repeated offenses may result in being sent home and/or disciplinary action.  Any confiscated clothing items (ex:  hats, sunglasses, bandanas) may be held at the discretion of an administrator.


All RCPS employees at Woodrow may address student expectations and dress code that are not acceptable for the educational environment.  Students that are not following student expectations, dress code, or RCPS Code of Conduct may have disciplinary actions including: ISS or OSS.  If the student expectations and dress code policies become a problem, administration has the right to change policy.