Strings Spring Concert - 4.30.19

‚ÄčThe spring concert will take place on Tuesday, April 30 at 7 pm in the auditorium here at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. Participation in the concert is mandatory for all students.

Upon Arrival

8th graders, please arrive by 6:30 pm. 6th and 7th grader, please arrive by 6:40 pm. Upon arrival, students will report to room 117 to unpack. Students will then take their instrument, bow and music to the auditorium and sit in designated locations.

Concert Dress
Concerts are a formal affair. By dressing professionally, we show pride in our orchestra. Please prepare ahead of time; don’t try to purchase an entire outfit the night of a concert. 

Students will be required to wear the following ALL BLACK attire to all concerts:
Option 1:
Top: nice blouse with sleeves (at least ¾ length) or dress shirt with collar
Bottom: skirt that remains below knee when sitting with black stockings OR dress pants with blacks socks
Shoes: all black
Option 2:
Long dress with sleeves (at least ¾ length). The dress must remain below the knee when sitting and must be worn with black stockings.
Shoes: all black

Necklaces and long earrings are not permitted. Please dress professionally. All concert attire must conform to the school dress code.

All school orchestra concerts at mandatory for orchestra students
. Any unexcused absence from a concert merits a “0” in the grade book. (Please see attendance policy category below.) Concerts are a group effort. We rehearse together and perform together. Performing for an audience is an important component of our class. Concerts provide an experience that cannot be replicated in the classroom. Performances are the means by which the skills learned in class are assessed by the teachers and comprise the largest percentage of the student’s grade.
Additionally, the criteria for receiving full credit on a concert include, but are not limited to:
Student dresses in the proper attire. (Please see concert dress categories below.)
Student arrives at designated time.
Student has all the materials needed for the concert (instrument, shoulder rest, music, etc.)
Student participates in set-up and tear-down.
If transportation after school hours is an issue for any students, please inform Ms. Lochbrunner as early as possible so a carpool can be arranged. It is the student’s responsibility to do this. Students will not be excused from a concert for not being able to locate a ride if they do not let Ms. Lochbrunner know this is an issue.

Concert attendance policy
Participation in all concerts is mandatory. Good communication among teachers, students and parents is crucial to prevent misunderstandings. 
*Written notices from parents are required for all absences.
Please note: neither verbal nor written excuses from students will be accepted.
*Advance notice to the teacher is required for all prior commitments.
A prior commitment is defined as a date already committed to another event when the schedule is announced. Parents/Guardians should send a notice of such a commitment to the director immediately.
*In the case of an illness or family emergency:
Parents/Guardians should send a notice as soon as possible. If it is an emergency situation, a parent should leave a message on the director’s voicemail or email.
*Make-up work is required for any student who misses a concert.
The make-up work is two-fold: 1) the student will write a one-page paper highlighting why concert attendance is important and what we musicians learn from performing, and 2) the student will submit* an electronic recording of selected passages in the music by a designated date. If the student does not submit both assignments in the allotted time frame, the student will receive a “0” for that concert attendance grade.

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