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All 6th grade Honors and 7th grade Life Science Students
need to click the below link daily!

Life Science Virtual Classroom 2020

4/14/2020 UPDATE

Welcome back from Spring Break!

Life Science Students should be checking both Life Science Virtual Classroom 2020, student email, and Moodle daily. I will upload material into Moodle, so please log into either the 6th Grade Honors or 7th Grade Life Science Moodle classroom accordingly.

We are moving online! The Life Science Virtual Classroom 2020 link to the left will be your hub for information. In the meantime, stay connected! Check your email spam/junk folders to make sure you are receiving important updates and join Remind by accessing the appropriate links below:

6th Grade Honors Life Science class code: or Text @dcastree6h to 81010

7th Grade Life Science class code: or Text @dcastree7 to 81010

3/31/2020 UPDATE

Lessons for Days 11 to 21 are uploaded to Study Island!
(Right now Study Island Lessons are your primary objective.)

3/30/2020 UPDATE

Life Science Home Review Packet 2
 (Click here)
(For those who wish to print somethig out)


Life Science During School Closure


3/31/20 UPDATE
Please check back at this website as more information becomes available.

Please access the Useful Links, Science Wbsites and Outdoor Activities options to the left, where I will be posting science-related activities, videos, articles and other enrichment material to help with your review of the topics we've covered so far this year.  

Life Science Students, 

I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. I wanted to share a few updates concerning the rest of the school year:

  • The first 20 lessons for home instruction are online now in Study Island. Log into Study Island using Clever from the student tab using your student ID (the same way you log into the computer).

 7th Grade Life Science Students:

  • Despite our current situation, the Biome Project still holds with the below exception:
    • Original due date was Tuesday, March 24th ON HOLD. Information regarding project submission coming soon (PowerPoint slides may be emailed to me

6th Grade Honors Life Science Students:

  • The Science Fair timeline is CANCELED. Please see below for the last required task:
    • Research Plan Corrections - original due date was Monday, March 16th (Please submit via email to by Thursday, April 2nd).

Please keep in mind that we do not want (nor expect) students to go out to get project supplies or remotely access computers and/or printers for Science Fair or Biome projects and unnecessarily exposing themselves to COVID-19.

Continue to check back at this website as I will be updating it. Please stay healthy and safe and don't forget to wash your hands!

Feel free to email me at with any questions.  

Classroom: 310, Planning Period: 4th
 School Phone #: (540) 853-2358

Picture of Mr. Castree

My name is David Castree and this is my first year teaching at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. I am very excited to get to know my students and look forward to working through the exciting Life Science lessons for the year.

Additional information:

  1. Weekly assignments are given.  The assignments and daily objectives should be written down by the students in their notebooks and shared with parents/guardians. 
  2. Homework will be given and is due on the assigned date.
  3. Attendance is very important and students are responsible for obtaining missed assignments. 
  4. Syllabus:
    1. Please read through the syllabus to see the overview of topics to be covered this school year.
    2. At the teacher’s discretion, the syllabus is subject to change at any time to benefit students.
  5. Classroom expectations:
    1. All students will adhere to the policies outlined in the student handbook.
    2. Come to class on time and prepared with homework, binder, paper, and pencil(s).
    3. Be respectful of oneself and others. 

    Grading Policy/Grading Scale Breakdown:

    A 90-100 
    C 70-79
    D 60-69
    F Below 60

    Student Contribution

    Weight Percentage (%)